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Upcoming College Fairs

"Kindra's approach was very professional.  It made us feel extremely comfortable and that we were in good hands throughout the process.  —Terry C.

Why Go To College Forum - Oakland, CA

January 12, 2019   Link

College Admissions Seminar - San Ramon, CA

January 27, 2019   Link

African-American College Fair - Sacramento, CA

January 31, 2019  Link

Trinity College Dublin - San Francisco, CA

March 7, 2019        Link

Selecting a college that is going to serve you well is a big investment of time and money and an important life decision. While this is an exciting time in a student’s life, it can also be a stressful one. Many families find that hiring a college advisor that will support and guide the student and family throughout the process makes their college application process less stressful, helps families communicate better and helps students manage the process and choose schools wisely. Students who choose to work with a consultant as an all-inclusive package, usually begin as Freshman or Sophomores. The all-inclusive package includes:

  • Interest/Aptitude Assessments for career exploration
  • High School Course Selection
  • Strategizing/Choosing Extra Curricular Activities
  • Testing Schedules & Strategy
  • Resume/CV Work
  • Essay Brainstorming

  • Individual Essay Development/Editing
  • Developing/Refining School List
  • Financial Aid Guidance
  • Application Support
All-Inclusive Package
Hourly Work

Hourly work is available to all students who may need assistance in specific areas, such as essay support and academic planning. Hourly consulting must be purchased prior to the start of service and may include face-to-face meetings and meeting via video-conferencing.

Free 1-Hour Initial Consultation

We provide a complimentary 1-Hour Initial Consultation which is an informative session where the counselor and the student/parents get to know each other, understand the services that are available, and learn about commercial options for contracting services.