The college admissions process can be daunting. It is important to have the right guidance and support. Our service provides students and families with individualized, expert guidance on navigating the college admissions process from start to finish. 

College Application Process

We guide students from freshman year course selection, to test prepartation, to completing applications senior year.  Students will explore their interests and activities, determine their major, and find colleges that will be best suited for them.

Time Management

Right Fit

Finding colleges that will be a great fit for the student is the goal.  We will explore not only the students own preferences, but the different types of college environments and help students identify what's important to them and where they'll thrive.

Dedicated to Helping Students Find Their Best College Fit

We keep students organized with their college planning process all throughout high school.  Whether it's big picture planning, managing completion of essays or planning ahead for testing, we provide guidance and reminders to keep students on track.